What is Supplier Diversity Canada?

Supplier Diversity Canada is an initiative of BC-based Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC). Its goal is to encourage the adoption of supplier diversity in Canada by encouraging corporations and government agencies to include more women-owned, minority-owned, aboriginal-owned, and LGBT-owned businesses in the procurement networks.

Supplier Diversity is a procurement practice that has been on the rise in Canada and most notably embraced by corporations such as TELUS, RBC, TD and BMO. Many large sporting events have embraced supplier diversity in their procurement strategies, including the PanAm Games hosted in Toronto in 2015, which awarded over $7.3 million in contracts to 226 companies as a result.

In addition to serving as a guide to supplier registration portals of leading corporations, WEC has also created the Major Events Supplier Database, a national database to connect diversity suppliers with the $5 billion sports industry, as Canada is both a leading sport host nation as well and enjoys a strong multicultural business community to support these events. The creation of the Supplier Diversity Canada portal and the Major Event Database are funded by Status of Women Canada.

We see tremendous advantages in promoting women and other diverse suppliers to the organizers of major events hosted in Canada, and the participating countries. For the entrepreneurs, it represents a great opportunity to secure international contracts. For the organizers and incoming country delegations, it helps them meet their procurement needs and support diverse communities in an economical, cost-effective way.

Laurel Douglas, CEO, Women's Enterprise Centre

We work with partners across the country and internationally to foster corporate procurement learning opportunities, support buyer-supplier matchmaking events and connect vibrant, capable providers of goods and services with new business development opportunities. Some of our close working partners include:

We’re pleased to provide you with this portal to opportunity – whether you are a corporation or government entity looking to learn more or a diversity business owner looking for new customers and markets

What is the Major Events Supplier Database?

The cornerstone of the Supplier Diversity Canada project is a ‘Major Events Supplier Database’. This database will serve as a portal which private and public-sector buyers can refer to, in order to find more women-owned, minority-owned and LGBT-owned businesses. The database will cater to the needs of global sports and cultural events being hosted across Canada. The database provides a ready tool to put supplier diversity into action in Canada by assembling diverse businesses to meet event organizers’ and incoming delegations’ specific needs.

For our international guests, this directory of products and services will guide users to everything they need from a rich pool of diverse suppliers across the country. Canada’s multicultural communities and extensive on-the-ground expertise host cities will ensure you enjoy a smooth, successful stay – wherever that may take you.

For Canadian diversity businesses, we present this resource to promote your exceptional capabilities in meeting highly demanding global clientele and tapping into the outstanding business opportunities that global and national events hosted in Canada provide.

Why Focus on Major Events?

Canada currently sits in the number 2 position on SportCal’s ‘NationsIndex,’ which measures the sport hosting strength of countries. Between 2009 and 2020, Canada will support 42 major international or multi-sport competitions. In 2015 alone, Canada will saw the Canada Winter Games (Prince George, BC), the PanAm Games (Toronto, ON) and the FIFA Women’s World Cup (6 host cities across Canada, with finals in Vancouver, BC). These events provided a total estimated economic impact of $657 million in the eight host cities.

About WEC

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About Status of Women Canada

Status of Women Canada is a federal government organization that promotes equality for women and their full participation in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada. Since 2007, the Harper Government has funded more than $54 million for projects that promote women’s economic security and prosperity through the Women’s Program at Status of Women Canada. This includes more than $9 million for projects that help women entrepreneurs. Government of Canada support for community-based projects has nearly doubled since 2006-2007, supporting more than 720 projects across the country.

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